As a non-profit organization, we receive no outside source of funding and must rely on donations to help the countless homeless kitties that need our help every day. These donations literally make the difference between neglect and nurturing, hurting and health, life and death, loneliness and a loving home. No amount is too small and will make a big difference to a very deserving kitty.
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Meet Our Permanent Residents

Our main function as a sanctuary is to offer a loving environment for cats to live out their lives with the best care possible. Our permanent residents range from special needs to elderly and beyond. While these cats are not available for adoption, you can contact us about sponsoring one of your choosing!



Lorenzo was found at a pizza hut as a kitten. He loves sugary cereal, cheese, and knocking things off the counter.


Giuseppe wandered up to our sanctuary all on his own. Our vet estimated him to be around 12 years old. His favorite things include: gravy, naps, shoestrings, and belly rubs.


Wade and his 2 brothers, JB and T’Challa were found on a college campus. Wade is blind but he gets by just fine with the help of his brothers. Their favorite activities include snuggling and wrestling each other.


Oliver was found badly injured after being hit by a car. He’s now an entitled tripod with attitude and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Peach used to watch us from the woods until he got the courage to move in. He is a sweet elderly man who loves Lorenzo like a grandson.


Diggle was found at a doctor’s office with severely infected eyes but was able to make a speedy recovery. She has become the adoptive mother to Wade, JB, and T’Challa.


Freya was found in a bojangles storm drain with her three little kittens. She now spends her days being bossy and eating too many treats.


Tony blew in with hurricane Florence back in 2018. He loves rolling around in the grass and chasing butterflies. He is the sweetest of the bunch.