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    Kat Pawz Sanctuary

    Kat Pawz Sanctuary, located in Oxford, GA, is a nonprofit that operates as a cage-free safe haven for cats. It all began when our founder, Payton Coleman, was a little girl whose biggest dream was to be able to save all the homeless animals she came across. This mission was solidified when a sick, scared cat found refuge under a tree in her backyard. She gave him shelter from the cold and rain, began feeding him and eventually gained his trust. He is now an old man named “Peach” who loves scratches, treats and laying in bed all day.

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    Kat Pawz Sanctuary raises funds for injured, disabled, neglected and abandoned cats.

    We make sure that they get the perfect forever home for their needs, whether that is with us or through adoption. We have “permanent residents” that are disabled and/or elderly that we don’t adopt out, and the donations we receive go towards caring for these cats as well.



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